The rejuvenate division is our maintenance division. The cosmetic and beauty industry sells $250 billion in skin care and do not know how to assess the quality of the skin. Even if the products are good, the analysis of your skin is rarely accurate and therefore the recommended products do not improve your skin regardless of the cost of the product. At Flawless Face and Body our approach is different. We will assess your skin to identify the follwing: underlying skin damage, skin laxity, skin tone, skin texture and skin hydration. We use a scanner and visual examination to determine the present health of your skin. Once this is done, we will make the appropriate recommendaitons which may include clinical procedures such as derma roller to repair the skin and then an appropriate line to maintain the results. Below is informaiton on the skin care line we have selected. Neostrata is the best in the world with years of clinical experience and protocols of how to treat a range of skin conditions and skin types safely and cost effectively. Read more on skin care

Neostrata Active Line

Resurface Line
Neostrata Resurface
Refine Skin Lin
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